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My Name is Gaurav Singh. I am a full time blogger and belongs to Rajasthan State. I regularly share detailed information related to various center and state government schemes time to time.

The Purpose of writing articles on this website is that more and more people may know about the ongoing schemes in the country. So that more and more people can take advantage of these government schemes.

Friends, on this website:- Online Hindi World, we always try to give correct and accurate information. we try our best to share the correct and accurate information. Despite all the efforts, there can be a possibility of mistake. We advise you to get complete information from the official website also along with reading the article.

Keep in mind, this is not a government site nor does this site have anything to do with any government department or ministry. This site is being run by a common person who is interested in government schemes and wants to make everyone aware of these schemes as well. We request you get full details of schemes from official website before taking applying under any scheme.

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